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Our Family

We are the family who will be raising your puppy for the first 8 weeks of their lives. We love dogs, and from the years we were raising Golden retrievers in Tennessee to the current time with our Goldendoodle, Copper, we have always had a furry family member!  We feel they complete our family, and we’re anxious to help you find one of your own!


Raised in our home, Copper’s next litter (planned October 2024) will be exposed to many sights and sounds, and a daily puppy training curriculum.  Experts agree that early neurological and sensory stimulation have lasting effects on a puppy’s abilities and growth.  Emphasis on building social skills and exciting exploratory activity is part of daily training.  The training will be conducted by our family, so consistent attention to detail will be given to each pup’s development.


We are a family who believe in giving back, and involvement in ministry, and have determined that a portion of each adoption fee will be donated to local and international ministries.  We also plan to donate to our local animal shelters for the benefit of other pets who don’t have their forever families like ours have.

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